FLOSS Community Metrics meeting

European edition coming soon!

Brussels / January, 2017

Bringing together community managers, DevRels and people interested in software development & community metrics to discuss about available Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS) tools.


Metrics can increase the transparency in your project, help you gain a deeper knowledge of your development processes and better understand your community. While some projects choose to use proprietary tools for analyzing and visualizing these development data, there are many open source tools available for metrics and analysis of your project.

This meeting is intended to be an open venue for community managers, DevRel managers, and FLOSS community experts to present ideas, tools, and analysis that the FLOSS community is already doing with FLOSS platforms. It is open to discuss about collaboration, synergies, etc. It will be organized to foster discussion, but will also focus on development of new tools, improvement of existing ones, and how to spread the knowledge about what is being done and can be done in this area.


  • To explore the benefits of open development data and visualizations
  • To discuss the current status of FLOSS tools in this area
  • To share experiences by FLOSS projects already doing their own analytics
  • To find ways of pooling development effort and other resources
  • To explore the requirements and functionality of future platforms

Agenda (tentative)

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