Agenda for 2015 EU Edition

Topic Speaker Slides
"Debsources: Live and Historical Views on Free Software Evolution" Stefano Zacchiroli (Debian) (not available yet)
"Your Metrics Strategy" Dawn Foster slides
"Metrics Grimoire toolkit" Jesús M. González-Barahona (Bitergia) slides
"GitHub Premier League: Scoring the local communities in Spain" JJ Merelo (Granada University) slides
Lighnting talks
"Gerrie: A crawler for Googles code review system Gerrit" Andy Grunwald slides
"Measurements for success - Building a community around Juju" Charles Butler (Canonical) slides
"How metrics motivate" Ioana Chiorean (Mozilla) slides
"Experiences building a dashboard from community data" Federico Capoano no slides
"Quantified living environment: metrics in hackbases" David Potocnik (Hackbase Lanzarote) text and slides
"Experiences with community feedback and MDN" Kadir Topal, Jean-Yves Perrier (Mozilla) slides from Kadir
"MARKOS License Analyzer" J. Manrique López (Bitergia) slides


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