Zohar Babin

Zohar Babin is the Sr. Director of Community at Kaltura, the Open Source Video Operating System. He oversees Kaltura's Technology Eco System Nurturing which include setting and implementing the Open Source strategy, engaging and building an active community of contributors, managing developer relations and technical bottom-up marketing, as well as Kaltura's Training Programs and Technology Partners Program.

Zohar is on a quest to make internet media accessible and used by all. Exploring innovation and creativity with web video, making collaboration, education and communication easier, engaging and efficient.

James Falkner

James Falkner oversees the 100,000-strong open source Liferay Community. In this role as Community Manager, James provides information, education, and leadership development, while constantly encouraging participation and growth of the community. James has over 14 years of experience in technology, and he blends his strong technical background with a passion for open source. James has been involved with enterprise web development and the Liferay Community since 2008.

Greg Madey

Greg Madey is a Research Professor at the University of Notre Dame. He is the current maintainer of the Sourceforge Research Data Archive (SRDA).

Megan Squire

Megan Squire is an Associate Professor at Elon University. She is currently the leader of the FLOSSmole and FLOSShub projects, which are data archives for researchers who study free, libre, and open source software and its development.

Laura Arjona Reina

Laura Arjona Reina is a Debian contributor, participating in non-coding activities (translations, spam fighting, wiki editions, bug triaging) for several years. She has done some research about translations in free software projects and is interested in how software projects care (or not) about outreach and their non-coding contributors. She currently helps Enrico Zini, main developer of the "Debian contributors" tool, in order to promote the usage and extension of the system inside the Debian project.

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona is co-founder of Bitergia, the software development analytics company specialized in the analysis of free / open source software projects. He also teaches and researches in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), in the context of the GSyC/LibreSoft research group. His interests include the study of communities of software development, with a focus on quantitative and empirical studies.

Dave Neary

Dave is a long-time free software contributor and activist. He is part of the Open Source and Standards group at Red Hat, where he has worked on projects including oVirt, OpenStack, RDO, ManageIQ and OpenShift.

Karsten Wade

Since 2000 Karsten has been teaching and living the open source way. As a member of Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team, he helps with community activities in projects Red Hat is involved in. As a 19 year IT industry veteran, Karsten has worked most sides of common business equations as an IS manager, professional services consultant, technical writer, and developer advocate. As of 2013, Karsten has been working on the CentOS Project as a new Board member, Red Hat liaison on the Board, and engineering team manager. You'll see him getting involved in infrastructure, documentation, and distro building. He blogs at http://iquaid.org , microblogs at @quaid , and is found on IRC as 'quaid'.

Jeremiah C. Foster

I've been working with Free Software for over a decade, working with GENIVI for five years, and working as GENIVI Community Manageer for over one year. I'm a carbon based life form with a prediction for binary data.

Italo Vignoli

Italo Vignoli is a free software advocate, with a long background in marketing and communicating proprietary software and hardware products. He has been a contributor of the OOo project since 2004, and a founder of the LibreOffice project, where he is responsible for marketing and communications.

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps was in charge of open source at Sun Microsystems, is currently president of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and leads a management consultancy on open source and digital freedoms, Meshed Insights Ltd.

Danese Cooper

Cooper has managed teams at Symantec and Apple Inc. and for six years served as chief open source "evangelist" for Sun Microsystems before leaving to serve as senior director for open source strategies at Intel. In 2009 she worked as "Open Source Diva" at REvolution Computing (now Revolution Analytics). She is a board member of the Drupal Association and the Open Source Hardware Association. She is a board observer at Mozilla, and serves as a member of the Apache Software Foundation. She was a board member at Open Source Initiative. In February of 2014, Cooper joined PayPal as their first Head of Open Source. Info from Wikipedia.

Louis Suárez-Potts

Louis Suárez-Potts is the community and open source strategist for Age of Peers, a consultancy he co-founded in 2011, as well as a partner in UX Productivity. He also participates on the Project Membership Committee for Apache OpenOffice and in other projects enabling open, productive communities, physical and virtual, as well as advising, as a Board member, the financial startup, Open Models Valuation Co. From 2000 to 2011, while at CollabNet, Sun Microsystems and then Oracle, Louis was the overall Community Development Manager for OpenOffice.org. (Note: At 2013’s Community Leadership Summit, held in Portland, LSP jointly conducted a session on community metrics; he also presented on a similar topic at a roundtable in 2012’s Open World Forum, in Paris, and at other conferences before and since. Community metrics would seem to matter maybe even to us.) Louis lives in Toronto, Canada.

Mike Milinkovich

Mike Milinkovich is the current Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. Since April 1, 2012, he serves on the board of the Open Source Initiative. He is a former Vice President for Oracle as well as WebGain. In the past, he served as the Strategy Manager for IBM's Visual Age IDE, the ancestor of Eclipse.

Roberto Galoppini

Roberto works in Slashdotmedia as SourceForge Senior Director of Biz Dev. He has over 20 years experience in the computer industry, and has spent the last 10 years working in the intersection of open source software and business development. Roberto has taken an active interest in different open source projects and organizations, he also served on some advisory boards, and helped large IT vendors, open source vendors and customers to design and deploy their open source strategies.

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